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After leading marketing teams and building great brands at P&G, Pepsico, YUM! and eBay, Kip Knight now helps clients build their brands through solid marketing strategies and creative, practical solutions.

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KnightVision works closely with CEOs and marketing teams as an innovative business partner and “coach” to build their business through insightful marketing guidance and training.

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KnightVision also develops and leads custom marketing seminars and Kip delivers tailored keynote speeches on a wide range of marketing-related topics.

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Knight's Vision

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Ten Guiding Principles For Building Your Business Using Social Media

While a growing number of businesses today are starting to use social media in marketing their business, there is always a risk of putting execution before strategy. This is a real danger with social media because too many businesses realize too late that once you begin a social media initiative (such as a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account or YouTube channel), you’ve got to refresh it with new content on a regular basis as well as monitor it for comments and spam. Otherwise, you would have been better off not doing anything.

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"It's all about relationships"

-Vance Caesar, best-selling author and Executive Coach

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